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We have established ourselves in OMAN, and team members in and out of the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Prime Solutions
Our team come from a variety of backgrounds within the Food,Pharmaceuticaland Cosmetics industry and are happy to offer their expertise to help find the right ingredient for you.
we are able to find the right products and presenting innovative indigenous solutions for your needs.


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Prime Solutions
Our expertise in food and beverages commodities and ingredients, gives you an edge in making products that satisfy consumers.

We  understand that besides high quality products,  trust, dedication and experience are also essential to be a reliable  supplier to the  pharmaceutical industry.

Changing demands calls for superior products with improved functionality, taste and shelf-life. Wide range of excipients offers key functionalities in many different pharmaceutical products.

Our technical background on top of commercial experience enable us to provide the wide range of comsetic ingredients.

Having multi-functional portfolio,supporting by reliable international companies is our backbone to cover our clients needs.

Packaging Solutions for Food and Beverages manufacturers are always challenging.

Sols Crown Cap is easy to open
SolsCrown Cap is suitable for bottles with both European and American standard crown neck finish.meets all requirements on a modern bottle closure for carbonated soft drinks or any other beverages to be consumed directly after opening.

Our main mission is to discover the best solutions for all of our client's requierments.

Prime Solutions
Our expertise in commodities and ingredients, gives you an edge in making products in order to cover all consumer needs.


We are supporting our

Pharmaceutical producers with the highest quality ingredients.

Prime Solutions

We are supporting our

Beverages and Food manufacturers for packaging innovations.

Prime Solutions

We are supporting our

Cosmetics manufacturer clients with the state of the art raw materials.

Prime Solutions

We are supporting our

Food and Beverages manufacturers with the highest quality raw materials.

Prime Solutions


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